Most of us can relate to experiences that almost crushed our resolve to continue in the pursuit of our dreams. Seasons of continual devastation are exhausting, and when we’re tired, it’s easy to consider giving up. The dreams that once felt inspiring are not just too hard. Relationships are stressful and frustrating. The job that was once invigorating is now just the thing, we must do from 9-5 each day. It’s in those moments of our weakness when we need God’s strength the most. When we feel like giving up, it’s easy to assume God already has.

Don’t quit.

But he never gives up. In those moments, more than anything else, we need the reminder that God’s at work even when nothing looks like we thought His plan should. It’s in those times that we must choose to rest and hear his heart. We must embrace our weakness and receive his strength. Even when it is the opposite of what we’re taught to do. We grow up with mantra’s like “Put on your big girl panties and deal with it, or, pull yourself up by your bootstraps”. But pushing harder at the point of exhaustion is not the answer, and it isn’t the point.

When we’re exhausted, we need to rest. We need to talk to God and to hear from him. Denying our feelings, trying to push aside our brokenness with hard work is not the answer—it will not bring healing. It’s ok to feel pain in difficult seasons. Sometimes we must permit ourselves to feel it. And I think that’s what Joseph did.

Just rest.

It’s not that he avoided the brokenness, or pushed harder because of it. I think it’s the exact opposite—he embraced it, he rested in it, he told God about it, and God brought healing. As we embrace the brokenness in our lives, we offer God the opportunity to do the same for us. So if you feel like you’re traveling Joseph’s road of situations that seem to go from bad to worse, don’t give up. Lean into God, and find that place of authenticity about your pain. Tell him how you feel, and invite him in to help you see more, and become more than you know right now.