Purpose: Updates and Opportunities!

In the years since 2007, we’ve experienced highs and lows. We lost my dad to lung cancer, I published my first book (One Light Still Shines), and we adopted our youngest son. I’m grateful for the life we’ve built together, and the way God has carried us through it all. But perhaps the past few years have been some of the most transformative yet.

Unwanted, but Beautiful

Do you believe that God is for you? That he is at work in the difficulties of your life, and that he’s crafting something beautiful with them? Are you confident in his love for you? Joseph knew God like this.

Backside of the Betrayal Story

As I allow the scene in Joseph’s home to settle in my heart, I feel compassion for the wounds inside his brothers’ hearts.  This helps me to see those who have broken me differently.

Don’t Quit. Just Rest.

When we’re exhausted, we need to rest. We need to talk to God and to hear from him. Denying our feelings, trying to push aside our brokenness with hard work is not the answer—it will not bring healing.

Joseph’s Story

Are you familiar with Joseph's story? He’s one of my favorites. If you follow me on Facebook or Instagram, you may remember reading a similar sentence last week. In fact, you've probably heard me talk about him a lot.  I love leading women's retreats where we spend...

Grace To Get Through

When it comes to dealing with the problems in our lives, sometimes we look for a way out, not a way to get through. And that’s understandable. Processing the amount of mental, emotional, and physical stamina necessary to trudge through the hardship can feel...

How Did I Get Here?

Have you ever looked at your life and tried to figure out how the plans you thought were taking you in one direction suddenly ended up somewhere you never envisioned?  I have.  And I didn’t see it coming. On October 2, 2006, my life changed.  My husband and I were...

Three Ways To Help Grieving Friends Survive The Holidays

Five days after our first anniversary, my husband and I lost our daughter.  I was 26 weeks pregnant and went into labor.  It was hard and fast.  There was nothing the doctors could do to stop it, and our daughter lived only 20 minutes.  The grief and shock were...