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I’m a dreamer, believer, and champion of your BOLD goals. I’ll bring clarity and silence chaos so you can find purpose.

But maybe you don’t know what BOLD goals look like, and you’re not sure you could achieve them. Here’s what I hear from the women I work with. You want to cultivate a life you love. You’re determined to lead those around you with clarity and decisive action. There’s a book inside that’s begging you to sit and write. But in these places where you are undeniably certain of the BIGGER vision, you struggle to take the first step. And it’s not because you can’t figure out what to do first; it’s your mindset. You’re the biggest obstacle.

THIS is your season to achieve the goals, celebrate as you cross the finish line, and have a coach in your corner cheering (and working) with you every step of the way. You can believe in these things for EVERYONE else but not yourself. And more than ever, it’s time to change that perspective—because you deserve to live a life that LIGHTS you up!

I was insecure and struggled with self-doubt. But one of the hardest days of my life changed my story. And through it, I learned, that despite circumstances, all things are possible.

I know what it takes to overcome pain, loss, and the destruction of all your dreams.  My first husband committed the Amish schoolhouse shooting in 2006. On that day, I became a widow and single mother. But it also became the most significant season of my life because I learned that we all possess the power to cultivate a life we LOVE despite our circumstances. It’s our superpower.

But to find this life that LIGHTS me up, I had to silence self-sabotage, shift my mindset, embrace strategy, lean into resilience, and SHOW up every single day. And these simple concepts have a profound impact. They work for me, and they work for my clients. Whether you feel the weight of the world on your shoulders, sense this nagging guilt that something isn’t right, or want to believe that you deserve more than this, one conversation will help you clarify your next steps.

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The Programs!


1:1 Coaching (7 Days)

Unlock your potential with ‘Ignite,’ a transformative one-time coaching package designed to set your 2024 ablaze with purpose. Dive into a 90-minute session and enjoy a week of unlimited Voxer support!


Monthly Membership

Eliminate self-sabotage, gain clarity on your purpose, and embrace the courage to dream. Deepen your relationship with God and gain a community of girlfriends inside Elevated: A Faith-Based Transformation for Women.

The Shift

1:1 Coaching (90 Days)

Empower your mindset by removing negative self-talk and self-sabotage. Discover your strengths so you can vibrantly live your purpose. Take inspired action and hone in on your blueprint for sustained success!


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Organizational Consulting

Elevated solutions for visionary entrepreneurs

I help entrepreneurs solve problems by taking the organizational weight off their shoulders and turning it into opportunity. Change isn’t always easy, but it’s necessary, and the transformation needed now comes through a renewed focus on people.

We’ll strengthen communication skills, build trust, increase resilience, and reduce conflict within the organization, creating a culture where everyone thrives.

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