“Sometimes we need to remember there’s more to our story than what we see right now.”

Hi, I’m Marie

I’m an author, speaker, and coach. I’m also a consultant, working with organizations to strengthen their culture. I’m passionate about family. My husband and I have six children, and we adopted our youngest from South Africa in 2015. My favorite nickname is “Lolli” (my term for grandma). We have three precious grandchildren. And I absolutely love my life.

If this weren’t my story, I wouldn’t think it’s possible to say those words when you’ve experienced so much brokenness.

But it is. It is possible for me, and it’s possible for you too. Everything beautiful about my world was birthed mainly through pain.

Here’s some of the hardship I’ve endured:

My first daughter was born at 26 weeks of pregnancy and only lived 20 minutes.

My father died after an intense eight-month battle with lung cancer.

My first husband was the man who committed the Amish schoolhouse shooting.

But these moments are not the definition of my life. They are a part of my story but don’t define me.

I’ve learned that life is about perspective–what we’re looking for is what we’ll find. We may not be able to control our circumstances, but we’re the only ones who can choose our perspective. One choice holds the power to change the trajectory of our lives.

On my darkest day, October 2, 2006, I chose to believe that God would rescue my family. And that choice changed everything.

Here’s my story~

As a transformational speaker, I empower individuals to deepen their faith and strengthen their mindset, which enables them to love their life (regardless of circumstance).

While everyone has a unique story, we all experience pain and disappointment. In our difficulties, the breakthrough comes when we are willing to look for more than a life dictated by circumstance.

I share inspiration and a relevant perspective applicable to all attendees throughout my events. Listeners will walk away with a duplicatable framework they can use to overcome obstacles, deepen their relationship with God, and experience personal transformation.

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Marie was a tremendous blessing to our women. She is transparent, sincere, and is committed to teaching God’s Word. She challenged our women which has resulted in us staying connected after the retreat. We would highly recommend Marie.

Christ Church, Grove Farm

God went above and beyond all we could ask or think when He brought you to us! I had so many women tell me how powerful your testimony and Q&A time was. You are a wonderful steward of the treasures and experiences He has entrusted you with.

First Baptist Church, Perkasie

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What types of events do you speak at?

A: I speak at a wide range of events, including conferences, retreats, seminars, workshops, church gatherings, women’s groups, and virtual events. Whether it’s a large-scale conference or an intimate workshop, I tailor my message to resonate with your audience.

Q: What topics do you cover in your presentations?

A: My presentations encompass a blend of faith, psychology, and personal growth. I delve into subjects such as overcoming adversity, building resilience, transforming mindset, deepening faith, and living a purposeful life. I also offer in-depth explorations of specific biblical texts and themes.

Q: Can you customize your content for our event’s theme?

A: Absolutely! I believe in delivering content that aligns seamlessly with your event’s objectives and theme. I’m committed to tailoring my message to resonate with your audience’s specific needs and interests.

Q: Do you offer virtual presentations?

A: Yes, I provide virtual presentations that are just as impactful as in-person events. I’m experienced in engaging online audiences through webinars, virtual conferences, and online workshops. Let’s discuss how I can bring a transformative experience to your virtual event.

Q: What is the ideal duration for your presentations?

A: The duration of my presentations varies based on the type of event and the depth of content you’re seeking. I offer keynote addresses ranging from 30 to 60 minutes, workshops and seminars that include multiple sessions, and retreats/intensives that can span a day or more. I’m flexible to accommodate your scheduling needs.

Q: How can we book you for our event?

A: Booking me for your event is simple. Click the “Invite Me to Your Event” button on this page, fill out the form, and I’ll get in touch with you. We can discuss your event’s details, goals, and any specific requirements you have. Together, we’ll create an engaging and transformative experience for your audience.

Q: Do you provide references or testimonials?

A: Yes, I have a collection of testimonials from event organizers and attendees who have experienced the impact of my presentations. Feel free to reach out, and I’ll be happy to share these with you.

Q: What makes your presentations unique?

A: My presentations offer a unique blend of life experience, faith-based insights, and evidence-backed psychology. By combining these elements, I provide a comprehensive approach to personal growth and transformation. My authenticity, relatable storytelling, and interactive engagement ensure that audiences not only receive valuable content but also leave inspired to make lasting changes in their lives.

Q: Do you have a specific fee for speaking engagements?

A: I understand that each organization has unique budgetary considerations and event needs. As a result, I do not have a set fee for my speaking engagements. I work closely with event sponsors to ensure that my services align with your budget and objectives. My priority is to provide an impactful experience for your audience while staying within the parameters of your organization. Let’s connect and discuss how I can tailor my services to meet your event’s specific requirements. Feel free to send me an email (marie@mariemonville.com) or message me through the button above to explore the possibilities.

Have a question that’s not listed here? Feel free to contact me for more information. I’m here to help you create an unforgettable event experience.