The Shift

It’s time to shift the way you see yourself, and when you do your whole world will change.

Become the woman you always knew you were meant to be!

You’re ready to…


Let go of negativity and step into a positive outlook.


Let go of self-doubt and embrace your strengths.


Stop feeling defeated by circumstance and rediscover joy.


Start believing in your abilities and find your purpose.

You are worthy of value and celebration. You have gifts, abilities, and a perspective unique to you. You deserve to LOVE who you are and confidently share it with the world.

To get there, we’ll turn down the volume on comparison and self-criticism.  You can finally live from authenticity, release your gifts without fear, and silence the need for outside approval!


What we’ll cover…


Eliminate your fear of failure, overthinking, and self-sabotage.


Identify your strengths, find your purpose, embrace the courage to dream.


Believe in yourself and dismiss criticism.


Cultivate resiliency and create your definition of success.

You have permission to see yourself a different way. You know what needs to change and you don’t have to do it alone. You have purpose, your life has impact, and there’s more to discover.

Through personalized guidance, powerful strategies, and unwavering support, I’ll help you design a life you love!


You deserve to feel vibrantly alive…


It’s time to create your shifts!

You know something needs to change. You want more than “this.” You’re tired of living a “less-than” lifestyle.

Imagine how it will feel:

When you get clear on your value and begin to authentically love yourself.

When you live from your strengths (instead of criticizing your weaknesses).

When you see obstacles as the possibility for more instead of proof you can't do it.

Does this sound like a dream come true?

It’s time to make it your reality!

The Shift:

A 90 Day Roadmap to Live with Confident Authenticity

VIP coaching package covering:

Empowered Mindset Foundations: Up-level Your Thoughts

  • Understand and eliminate fear of failure, self-criticism, self-doubt, over-thinking, and old habits of negativity.
  • So you can embrace confidence, steps to success, and a positive mindset.

Discover your Superpowers: Embrace Your Strengths & Live Your Purpose

  • Strengths assessment empowerment
  • Lean into your unique strengths and dismiss weaknesses
  • Silence comparison and insecurity
  • The power of permission
  • Skyrocket creativity

Dream Bigger: Uncover Your Deepest Desires & Live In A Way that Sets Your Soul on Fire

  • Identify your dreams, goals, and desires
  • Align your goals with your purpose
  • Lean into your strengths to find confidence and self-assurance

Believe Bigger: Start Living Your Dream Life

  • Become a positivity powerhouse as you encourage yourself
  • Live with the expectancy of enjoyable outcomes
  • Embrace unwavering belief in your potential

Becoming: Take Inspired Action & Bring Your Ultimate Goals to Life

  • Dial into your focus 
  • Take daily action step
  • Celebrate small wins
  • Embrace resiliency

Success Formula: Your Blueprint for Creating, Holding, & Replicating Success

  • Create your specific blueprint that guarantees your success (regardless of goal)
  • Dream about the next chapter
  • CELEBRATION!  It’s time to celebrate all you’ve achieved

A proven formula

that works!



THIS is your season to achieve the goals, celebrate as you cross the finish line, and have a coach in your corner cheering (and working) with you every step of the way.


To find this life that LIGHTS me up, I had to silence self-sabotage, shift my mindset, embrace strategy, lean into resilience, and SHOW up every single day.


I specialize in uncovering the weapons we've used against ourselves and flipping the script.

I’ll champion you and your goals.  We’ll CREATE your personal Shift which will transform your self-worth and self-confidence.

You don’t have to wish it could be different. You can make “different” your reality by linking arms with a transformational coach, speaker, and author with expertise in mindset work.

Package Includes:

  • (6) One on One sessions – 60 minutes each
  • Voxer support Monday-Friday throughout the entire process


  • Guided prayer and scripture meditations
  • Signed copy of Marie’s books
  • Lifetime access to Elevated (membership program)

Investment: $997  

Payment plans available at no additional cost.