Unleash Your Story

Write the book that’s been

on your heart for years!

Without feeling overwhelmed, indecisive,

and worried your story isn’t worth telling.

You have…


A story to tell, but you don't know where to start.


An idea of what you want to say, but you worry it won't be good enough.


The desire to hold your book in your hands, but you're afraid you won't ever finish writing it.


An unrelenting belief you're supposed to write, but you keep talking yourself out of it.

Right now, you’re holding yourself back. And it’s ok that you can’t envision the ending because you’re at the beginning.

I understandI’ve experienced those same thoughts, but I found a way to overcome my self-sabotage and self-doubt.

And I can’t wait to share it with you!


Together we’ll…


Clear away self-sabotage, self-doubt, and criticism.


Create the road map which leads from initial idea through completed book!


Gain clarity on your main theme and key takeaways.


Work through the writing process so you can feel excited to share your story with the world!

No more trying to figure out what to do, questioning yourself, and overthinking the process.  No more wondering if the whole thing is even worth it.

It’s time to walk in the confidence of your story and the lives you’ll impact!

You want to write your book and proudly share it with the world…


What if you could do just that in

6 months?

Plan, write, and edit a powerful story that inspires and empowers others. Feel confident in your writing ability and acknowledge the tremendous growth achieved throughout the process.  

Imagine how it will feel:

When you map out your content, break it into chapters, and get clear on your themes.

When you start writing, continue writing, and realize you can do this.

When you finish the final chapter!

Does this sound like a dream come true?

It’s time to make it your reality!

Unleash Your Story:

A 6 Month Roadmap to Write the Book

that’s Been In Your Heart for Years!

6 month VIP 1:1 Mentoring package focuses on the following:

Foundations for Inevitable Success

  • Goal setting: realistic and achievable which will empower you!
  • Reframing: fear of failure, self-criticism, self-doubt, overthinking, old habits of negativity, with a foundation of positive (truth-based) self talk.

Formulation, Focus, and Feeling

  • Brainstorm the overall subject/content/focus for your book. 
  • Break it down into 10-15 necessary sub-topics. 
  • The essential elements of a captivating chapter: author’s past and present experience, and reader’s future experience.
  • Get clear on your “why”: Why do I want to write this book, why does it matter to me, and why will it matter to others?

Story Structure and Chapter Creation

  • Turn the 10-15 sub-topics into chapter titles/focus/objectives.  
  • Outline/describe each chapter to include elements of author’s current story (past/present experience), future impact for the reader, and overall themes/messages.

Just Write

  • How to start the story.
  • The importance of writing (without judgment).
  • Chapter roadmap.
  • Getting unstuck.
  • Breaking down the overall goal into daily/weekly steps.

Refine, Edit, Repeat

  • How to self-edit.
  • When to do it.
  • How to remain objective.
  • Celebrating the process.
  • Persevering through the middle.
  • What to do when you feel bored or unmotivated.

Ready to Publish

  • How to create your own formula for success.
  • How to replicate it (when you’re ready to write again).
  • Determining what’s right for the next part of the process (self-publishing vs. traditional publisher).
  • CELEBRATION!  It’s time to celebrate all you’ve achieved.

A proven formula

that works!



As a brand new author, my first book sold over 50,000 copies!


I used these exact strategies to write my second book in just five weeks.


I leaned into the process and found the ability to write even when I didn't feel inspired or creative.


I banished imposter syndrome and wrote my all-time favorite manuscript!

I’ll champion you and your goals.  We’ll CREATE your personal roadmap which will keep you moving forward. You’ll WRITE your book by linking arms with a published author, transformational coach, and speaker with expertise in mindset work necessary for success. It’s time to UNLEASH your story!

Package Includes:

  • Biweekly Zoom coaching sessions (1 hour per session during developmental process and 30 minutes per session during writing process)
  • Collaborative content development and editing Monday-Friday (through shared Google documents)
  • One-on-One support throughout the entire process


  • Invitation to exclusive annual writer’s retreat
  • Signed copy of Marie’s books
  • Lifetime membership to all groups/programs/courses (past, present, future)

Investment: $3397 (payment plans available at no additional cost)

This is a done with you program which means that we will work together so that you feel confident and capable to share your story with the world. No more holding back, no second guessing; it’s time to unleash your story.


Bespoke Upgrades:

  • Voxer Support $300 for 6 months (Monday-Friday)
  • Create a Speaking Series that compliments your book content $500 (development and review of presentation, speaking skills, summaries)
  • Speak with Confidence $500 (hone your presentation skills for flawless execution live or behind the camera) 

Frequently asked questions

Q: Do I need any experience?

A: No, I’ll help you navigate the process step-by-step.

Q: How often will we meet?

A: We will meet every other week, but I’ll be on-hand for communication between sessions.

Q: What happens if I need to reschedule?

A: Sometimes things come up! You can reschedule with 24 hours advance notice.

Q: Will I receive feedback on my writing?

A: Yes!  I’ll help you strengthen your skills, develop your content, and LOVE everything about what you’ve written.

Q: What happens if I decide this isn’t right for me?

A: I have a proven method that helps my clients achieve their goals. Take the weight off your shoulders!  We will do this together. However, if you decide, after our first session, that you’re not ready, I’ll refund the full amount of your program.