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Your Voice Matters- Part 1

Worship—the place where I embrace freedom, find creativity, and connect with the God who tangibly loves me.  I was in my late-teens when I embarked upon this journey to the heart of God, and first heard songs written by Rita Springer.  Her words, tone and sincerity resonated within me, forging a deep connection to the Lord.  I listened to her albums, soaked in her lyrics and found the ability to release the melody of my heart in a way I’d never known before.

I was especially grateful for her voice, when I experienced pregnancy complications resulting in the premature birth and death of my firstborn, Elise.  Worship became my lifeline, instilling hope and faith in the wake of shattered dreams.  On the days when sorrow consumed me and I felt incapable of praise, I found strength for my weakness.  Worship counseled me through my loss and connected my barrenness with the fruitfulness of God.

A few years later my daughter Abigail was born.  This was a time of redemption, celebration and deep joy.  When Abigail was 2 months old I attended a worship conference at a local church with my parents.  She began fussing during one of the sessions, my dad offered to walk her in the aisle, and this settled her immediately.  Rita came off the stage from leading worship and walked towards my dad on her way out of the sanctuary.  As she got close, she stopped and asked if she could pray over Abigail, sensing the tenderness of God surrounding her.  I was in awe.  Rita didn’t know that she had walked with me through my wilderness and into this land of promise.  She didn’t know anything about my circumstances, but God saw it all.

The atmosphere of worship nurtured me.  I was “mentored” even though it didn’t happen exactly the way I imagined.  Maybe you’ve been the recipient of this type of relationship, or maybe you’ve given it.  Due to the advances of social media, this is now possible through a variety of applications.  Perhaps you’ve written a blog post, interjected a 140 character tweet, or popped a few lines on Facebook that have, unbeknownst to you, permanently connected a faltering heart to it’s Creator.  Have you sat at a quiet table, clutched a warm mug of coffee in your hand, heard another bare their soul, and felt yourself come alive inside knowing that they “get you”?  This often happens while we’re reading words on a screen or page that seem written just for us.

I’m grateful for Rita’s commitment to God, her passion to follow him and her intentional vulnerability.  God used her to make a difference in my life.

You have a voice; what you do with it is up to you.  You don’t have to say anything, but I challenge you to do it anyway, to share a bit of your story with someone.  Be bold, have confidence in God’s love for you, and follow where he leads.  You will make a difference in the life of another—your voice matters.