I love to celebrate—people, seasons, milestones, effort, moments.  Everything deserves a celebration!  November 14th holds a special opportunity for this exact kind of event.   It happens to be my daughter’s 16th birthday (Elise Victoria).  Although this Sweet Sixteen is a bit different than I could’ve ever imagined, I feel like it’s also going to exceed every expectation. 

I think I will forever call 11/14 Redemption Day. 

Elise’s personal celebration will take place in heaven, but my heart is already having a party of it’s own.  I’ve been asking God for some inspiration this year.  I want the day to be different, better, than her other birthdays.  After all, this is a milestone year.  Tonight I finally felt God breathe upon me.

Here’s what I got:

November 14th is all about redemption, allowing God to transform a physical loss into supernatural blessing.  My goal: do as much good as humanly possible in the span of 24 hours.  I have some specific ideas on what this might looks like—cards I’ve been meaning to write, a few books to send, etc.  I think I know how the day will begin, but after that it’s anyone’s guess.  I’m having lunch with a friend and taking Abigail to Starbucks so we can “share the joy”.  I have a loose framework, and I can’t wait to see the way God fills it in. 

Anyone want to join me?  Are you up for a challenge?  Let’s celebrate the day together doing as much good as possible. Let’s impact the heart of another with the personal love of Jesus.  This doesn’t have to feel big or expensive to you, but I guarantee it will bless the recipient.  A cup of cold water to a weary traveler—or maybe it’s a cup of coffee to a tired mom (a mom of babies in heaven and/or on earth).  I don’t know what God’s going to speak to you, but I know he will. 

Let’s meet back here and talk about what happened on Friday.  I can’t wait to see the way God encourages our hearts as we encourage someone else.  Feel free to post a comment to tell me what happened as you took part in Redemption Day.