Yesterday morning I received a stunning email.  A billboard in Times Square featured the cover of my book, along with a little sentence about its release.  When I first opened the email, I almost thought it was a joke.  Really?  Yes, really, it was unbelievable.  This is a huge honor, but it’s not my honor.  All honor belongs to Jesus.  This is his cover on Times Square, and the picture, that’s Jesus. 

I don’t think Jesus looks like the man we’ve seen in Bible story flannel graph pictures, well, maybe he could look like that, but that’s not the only way to describe him.  I see Jesus lots of places, both in people but also in his creation.  Often I don’t “see” him, instead, I feel him.

Here’s what I think Jesus looks like- he is love, he is light, he is the embrace of heaven, he is everything good, righteous and holy, but he is also gentle and compassionate.  Jesus appears in multi-dimensional ways.  Jesus is the word of encouragement spoken (or texted) by a friend on a really hard day.  Jesus is the solitary ray of light beaming through the clouds on yet another rainy, dreary afternoon.  Jesus is the simple song rising from the heart of a child, bringing peace, in the midst of a chaotic morning.  Jesus is reordering your life, giving room to bless others with his love even when you thought you had a million other things to do.  Jesus is the majestic mountain peek seen from hundreds of miles away, pulling you through the valley and into the ambiance of his greatness.  Jesus is the arms that wrap me tight, the ones that hold me just because, embrace me as I celebrate, and lift me when I’ve been tread upon by the heaviness of life.  Jesus is the refreshing stream calling out on a scorching hot day.  One droplet of his water washes away life’s built up dirt, penetrates my skin and finds its way in to the center of my heart.  He is power for the powerless, strength for the weak and grace for the weary.  He is freedom to the captive, peace in the midst of despair and joy in exchange for mourning. 

I need Jesus.  We all need Jesus.  Times Square needs Jesus too.  I smile, deep inside, knowing that he is there, not that he wasn’t there all along, but yesterday, he was beaming visible rays of brilliant sunlight through vibrant green leaves, blowing a swing with his heavenly breath, radiating his larger-than-life love across NYC. The truth is though, he is doing that very same thing, every where, in this solitary moment.  Across the pages of our lives we find his story—no matter how dark life seems to be, One light still shines.