In the weeks prior to the book release I had several interviews.  I often walked away feeling complete exhaustion on every level (emotional, physical and mental).  I knew God was with me and that he was helping me, but sometimes I wasn’t sure that I could endure another question.  I asked God if he was sure about all of this.

Interviews are a totally new place for me; it was a challenge unlike anything I’ve known before, and I had to find my way through it.  I’m thankful for the amazing people who have surrounded me in this part of my journey.  They’ve offered encouragement, advice and tangible support.  I see God’s love through them.  I’m grateful for the way he shows his strength in my weakness.

Let me explain~

I questioned myself a lot, I evaluated my response, and I prayed over my doubts.  I have a tendency to psych myself out, but I know that Jesus believes in me.  He has confidence in my ability to represent him or I wouldn’t be in this position.  I reminded myself continually that he loves me and he is helping me.  God was giving me the answers.  Psalm 45:1 says, “My tongue is the pen of a skillful writer”.  I had an answer for every question—a good answer—a God answer.

I was made for this!

The internal examination brought truth to light.  It’s not that I was made for the struggle, but I am made for the victory.  Jesus has forged something within me for this precise moment, and all I have to do is release it.  He helped me to look at the interviews differently.  They weren’t pop quizzes that I couldn’t prepare for; they were simple conversations.  Each question brought an opportunity to share God’s light and love in a new way.  This understanding gave me hope and filled me with peace.

I took that peace to NYC, but I still had to practice it.  I had to stand on the promise of his provision.  Sometimes as I sat in the chair with the microphone fastened to my collar, I could feel my heart pound.   The rhythm seemed so loud that I wondered if it came through the audio recording.  My body was on high alert, anticipating the questions that would follow and wondering if I would be able to give the best response capable of pointing the way to Jesus.  I would take a deep breath and remind myself that it was simply about me giving what I’ve received: love, hope, strength, joy, and peace that comes when I’m connected to the heart of God.

Last week God showed me, over and over again, that I could rise above every challenge.  Through him, I find and bring redemption.  And so do you!  Don’t count yourself out.  Don’t doubt the strength that he will bring forth in the midst of your weakness.  You were made for this!