It’s Friday, July 20th, we’re in the middle of summer. Maybe it is just another ordinary day. Is there ever an ordinary day? Not this one; this day is anything BUT ordinary. Today’s forecast included rain, the threat of flash floods and temps only reaching the mid 70’s. Quite a contrast from the 100+ scorchers we had earlier this week. Creation screams out, “Extraordinary day!”
Within the chambers of my heart beats a quiet whisper of revitalizing truth. These 24 hours exist only once; there is nothing ordinary about this moment. I long to capture each minute and steal it away, maintaining the treasure of summer’s simplicity, longing to carry it forward into the next season. I know the impossibility of this; I can’t catch time. Like a ripe melon, it must be enjoyed now. Should I try to keep the fruits of summer tucked away in my closet, they would spoil in the weeks to come. Life is now, beauty is now, summer’s sweetness dripping sticky down the chin is now. Each drop must be savored, rolled around the tongue, tingling all the way down. Don’t drop even one, don’t waste one; you’ll never get it back. Living, breathing, fragrant moments must be enjoyed as they happen–now, not later.
Last night I saw a car commercial, the tag line said, “Summer’s when you realize the journey IS the destination.” How apropos! I’ve been soaking in this truth for 24 hours and can’t get enough. The marinade has penetrated me, tenderizing tough sinews within. The greater truth is this, Life is best lived when you realize the journey is the destination. Today is my destination. There is no-where to go, no place I need to be, nothing matters outside this day. This journey, this adventure, this path is my destination. Such knowledge frees me to simply be all this moment requires. Delight fills my senses; tomorrow doesn’t matter right now.
Jesus loves me, he wants me to live right now. I’ll spend my journey embracing this current destination, as he embraces me.