As a mom, I’ve heard this phrase often; typically preceded by four simple words- I can do it (all by myself).   I relate to the proclamation given by my children, as I remember feeling the same way when I was their age.   They are quite capable of doing much without me.   There are times when I appreciate their sense of independence and other times when I’d welcome the opportunity to embark on a task side by side.  I savor moments of togetherness.  I love knowing that my children need me, but I treasure knowing that they want me.

I’ve learned a lot about the love of the Father through the gift of motherhood.  My Heavenly Father draws me deep into his heart of great love.   He loves far beyond my limited human ability to comprehend.   As a mom, I long to love my kids well, not to simply meet, but exceed their needs.  This is my heart, but sometimes life doesn’t line up accordingly.  Unlike me, God never fails.  He loves with pinpoint accuracy—comforting, challenging and equipping.   God’s love for me is infinitely greater than my love for my children.

I need Jesus.  Days are long and my perspective falters.  I feel weighed down by the stress of my “to-do list”.  In all the little things and the big ones, I’m very aware of my inability.  Jesus is constant.  He never leaves, he never turns away and he is never too busy to answer my cry.  He doesn’t get tired of me.  In the moments when I am strong, resilient, confident and capable, he cheers me on.  I imagine he must feel similar to me as I watch my kids take on a new challenge—my heart swells with pride.  When I am tired, and filled with doubts He comes to rescue me, speaking words of truth and renewing me with his quiet peace.  I’m thankful that I don’t have to do this life by myself.  He allows me to exert my independence, but he delights in my invitation—will you help me, can we do this together?

No matter where you are right now, you’re not alone.  You will never be alone.  You don’t have to do anything “all by yourself”.  Jesus is helping you, even when you don’t see him.  He is working everything to the good in your life, including the bad things.  Lift your head, take his hand, and know he is forever with you.  He too loves knowing that his children want him.