To Help You Heal



A life you love begins with the courage to heal…

Marie Monville knows what it means to feel broken. After her first husband committed the Amish schoolhouse shooting, she had to make a choice. Would she allow circumstance to define her life? Or could she find a way to overcome betrayal, disappointment, and self-doubt to live a life she authentically loved?

To Help You Heal takes you on a transformational journey like no other. Marie's unique insights in the face of extraordinary pain, trauma, and loss show you what is possible when our healing process pairs faith with psychology.

It's time to embrace your transformation. Marie will lead you on this journey, so you don't have to walk alone. She will share strategies to overcome negative self-talk and discouragement so you can embrace a positive view of yourself and your life. She'll help you to deepen your relationship with God and lean into the freeing power of grace.

You'll discover ways to shift your mindset and build a strong foundation of hope, even when battling brokenness, so you're inspired to dream again. You can love your life regardless of circumstances.


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