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Sometimes the problem is that we haven’t given ourselves permission to love our lives.

We’re thinking about what we “should” do without knowing what we want or how we want to feel.

Here’s how it changes:

Lesson 1

Explore the contrast between between self-confidence and self-doubt. Gain insightful strategies to transform your inner narrative and embrace confidence in yourself.

Lesson 2

Understand and eliminate imposter syndrome and approval addiction. Lean into your gifts, creativity, and impact you have when you’re passionate about your life.

Lesson 3

Explore the transformative power of breaking free from self-fulfilling prophecies and cultivating self-compassion, guiding you towards a life where you write the definition,

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It worked for me

In 2023 I decided that I didn’t need anyone’s approval or permission to be this authentic version of mylef. And I didn’t need the guarantee that I would get the outcome I wanted. I simply needed to figure out where God was calling me in this season, how I wanted to feel, and what I needed to do to make those things happen.

But it started with the realization that I had to give myself permission to create this life. I get to write the definition of what life is supposed to feel like. So I leaned into the creativity and kept my mindset in check. And I’ve never loved a year as much as the last one. 

And now, I want to help you do the same!

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